Store » Delicious Innovate Supercharger & Intercooler EcuTeK Reflash (BRZ, FRS, 86) - Stage 2
Delicious Innovate Supercharger & Intercooler EcuTeK Reflash (BRZ, FRS, 86) - Stage 2

Delicious Innovate Supercharger & Intercooler EcuTeK Reflash (BRZ, FRS, 86) - Stage 2

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The Delicious Tuning Innovate Supercharger reflash for your Toyota FT86, Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ out performs in every aspect of the word. With a powerband from 2800 RPM to 7500 RPM the infamous dip is completely gone and paved over a million times. Power and torque increase are dramatic over a stock vehicle adding torque across the board and smoothing out the entire band, offering a linear power curve and flat torque curve the vehicle should have come with from the factory. As with all our tunes we pride ourselves on smooth, consistent, reliable and powerful tunes, so the tune can be called Delicious.

Figures are based on California 91 Octane Fuel for Manual or Automatic Transmissions
Peak Horsepower Increase: +65 wheel horsepower (combined)
Peak Torque Increase: +55 wheel torque (combined)
Maximum Horsepower Gains: +90 wheel horsepower @ 7400 RPM
Maximum Torque Gains: +70 wheel torque @ 3700 RPM
Power Band Expanded: +2000 RPM's (massive 2500-7500 RPM)

Notable Improvements in drivabilty
Absolutely NO dip in the power band
Massively Improved Acceleration
Smoother Power Delivery
Better Throttle Response
Linear Power Curve
Maintained MPG

Additional Support Features
Free updates for the life of the tune
Priority Ticket Support through our website

FT86 Club User Review - Testimonial
xjohnx - after flashing a tune by @DeliciousTuning i am impressed with this kit. His 93 octane tune feels stronger than the E85 tune i was running previously (and dyno'd at 225/192). Granted, the previous e85 tune was a canned out of the box tune with no chances for adjustments yet, so was the 93 octane tune from delicious. I can't wait to get a tank full of E85 in it and head back to the dyno to see how the E85 delicious map compares . - Supercharger Tune Review
Another Delicious tune for another Innovate Supercharged FRS. While we have been have been developing the CARB OE (pending) tune for the Innovate SuperCharger Kit got their hands on a kit and reviewed the package and tune in the vehicle. Here is the review from on the 91 octane tune.

DSport Magazine (July 2013) - Testimonial
At DSPORT, we provide the best quantifiable and objective information possible so our readers can make informed purchases. Unfortunately, objective measures do not always tell the entire story. Sometimes a subjective set of eyes (or in our case, butt cheeks) can provide the missing bits of information. This intake shootout is a perfect example. After a week of not driving my car during the testing, I simply forgot how the FR-S felt prior to the tuning. Essentially, my butt-dyno lost its calibration.

Driving the "tuned" FR-S, I thought the car felt better, but I couldn't swear to it. Unsure if these improvements were real or just the product of optimism, I traded cars with my roommate, Ai Takamura. She drives a Subaru BRZ with the same modifications as my FRS, minus the tune. It took her less than a day to return with feedback, more like half an hour. The text I recevied read "this thing drives AWESOME!" This is precisely what can't be told by charts, graphs and numbers alone. The car does not feel one hundred times faster, but the power delivery feels much smoother and the power dip around 4000 RPM feels all but gone. While the right intake and ECU tuning will deliver roughly 7.0-percent more peak power, it will significantly increase midrange torque for smoother acceleration.

EcuTeK ProECU License - REQUIRED if ECU has not previously been tuned with EcuTeK
EcuTeK ProECU Cable Kit - REQUIRED to reflash ECU with EcuTeK maps

Manufacturer: Delicious Tuning

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